Nina's Trip to India

Nina Santucci, a Burrell High School student, was the first winner of the Laura Hoover It’s All Good Foundation travel scholarship. In 2017 she traveled to India with Global Leadership Adventures’ “Through the Lens” trip, retracing some of Laura’s steps and exploring a drastically different culture. She returned with captivating stories, new photography skills, and a true appreciation for the opportunity to travel abroad.

Tribute and Remembrance of Laura

Nina travelled with some of Laura’s ashes, returning her to a river in India. She thoughtfully brought water from the river home for Laura’s family. 

Nina's Journey

Return Home

Upon returning, Nina shared her journey with her classmates and community and has continued to be involved with the Foundation. She has been an inspiration for this year’s scholarship applicants and has dreams of future travels. We are proud to have welcomed her into the Laura Hoover It’s All Good Foundation family!